Sunday, October 25, 2009

finals of 3-object montage

Here are the finals of my 3-object montages. The first one was done admittedly hastily. Also, I did not spend enough time making sure the scanned and printed out version looked like the actual one, so there is a lot of color inconsistencies between the two. In the first one, I made Sitting Bull too dark. In the new one, he stands out more because I made him overall lighter. Before, the dark parts of the face got lost, but now, the facial features stand out more. Additionally, the ferris wheel is just done a lot better in the new one. Now, the lights look like lights instead of dots placed in rows. Also, I added clouds behind the ferris wheel in the new one to add a little intrigue. I think they help. I also did the background first, and then picked out the parts of the ferris wheel that were in the foreground. This technique worked much better. Overall, I think the second one is much improved compared to the first.

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