Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book cover

Here is my book cover design. I used micron pen, sharpie, and watercolor for the 6.25 x 9.25 inches composition. I wanted it to be a pretty simplistic composition. Initially I just had the distraught Henry Fleming, the protagonist of the novel, in the bottom corner. I wanted to emphasize his isolation. After all, the novel isn't just a Civil War hero story, but also a story about a very lost, confused, and lonely young man. However, I was advised to add more--it needed something else. So I decided to add the bloodied soldier in the top corner. I think it helps out the composition a lot, and clarifies the story more. Now it is more clear WHY Henry is upset. Also, it is a part right out of the novel. Henry is called back by an old man who is dying, but Henry leaves him to die alone, which is a moment he has to deal with the rest of his life. Overall, I am very happy with the way my final illustration turned out.

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