Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More illustrations

I like the colors and certain areas of this water color. I wish the actually road would have came out better. The line drawing has some areas that are working well--I especially like the trees and cornfield on the right--but other areas (like the road) that are not working as well. Overall, though, I like them both.

I liked these two, especially the watercolor, mostly because of the clouds. Though the line drawing is a bit messy, I think it actually works well. The lines are loose and create a lot of active space that mimics the angry sky in the watercolor. My landscapes are the only ones that I think are coming along the most.

I also included this chair line drawing because, even though there are obvious problems with perspective, there are some nice things going on, especially in the detail of the cushioned back of the chair. I'd want to re-do this one in the future and work out the kinks.

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